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About Us - Parent Group
The Euro Group has witnessed a meteoric rise since inception above 18 years back. Setting our feet first in the plywood business with the brand Euro Ply, we later broadened our horizons considerably to offer an array of products. We are one of the leading Group in India engaged in the manufacturing and trading of various interior and exterior building materials, FMCG products, Retail outlets, Malls, and others , such as :
 Vitrified Floor Tiles
 Wall Tiles
 Agglomerated Marble
 Sanitary Ware
 Aluminium Panels Sheet
 Mica Sheets
 Prelam Boards
 Canfor (Imported Finished Woods Panels)
 High Pressure Seamless CNG Cylinder
 Dry Battery Cell
 Photovoltaic Cell
 Solar Power Farm
 Imported Furniture Mall
 Sponge Iron
 Wooden Flooring
 Aluminium Section
 High End Lighting Solution

Over the last few years, the energy sectors, economic, social and political factors have developed a perfect platform for renewable energies, viz: wind and solar energy. The global warming, rising prices of fossil fuels and development in these emerging technologies have exerted enormous pressures on the governments worldwide to support and encourage these new formats by way of subsidies and favorable policies. India is also not an exception where the state governments have off late started developing pro-renewable energy plans, which will improve their contribution to global energy scenario.

Euro Multivision Ltd. is embarking upon Photo Voltaic (PV) electricity generation with one 40 MW complete inline Solar PV Cell manufacturing plant to be expanded to 320 MW capacity. We are committed to development of long- term, reciprocal and rewarding relationships with our investors, employees, customers and the society in general by providing the solar energy solutions at lower prices and higher efficiency. We are prepared to offer complete integrated supply chain value with cost competitiveness.


Competitive Strengths of Our Group
Experienced Management

We are a part of the “Euro Group” which was started in 1995 and has been progressing at a very good pace. Euro group enjoys a good reputation in the respective Industries. We have entered into this business a few years back. However, the presence and experience of promoters for over a long period of time helps us to manage the business efficiently.

Strong Brand Visibility

Our products are sold under the brand name “EUROVISION” which is a part of the EURO group. Euro group has a presence across products such as Vitrified & Ceramic Tiles, Agglomerated Marble, Aluminium Section, Aluminium Composite Panels (Bond), Hardware & Sanitary ware Fittings, Plywood, Veneers, Laminates, Mica, Canfor, Imported Furniture, Sponge Iron, CD-R, DVD-R, Glass Articles, Dry Battery Cell and Wooden Flooring.

Cordial Relationship between management and labour

We enjoy cordial relations with our employees and there has been no union of employees. Further, there have been no strikes, lock-out or any labour protest in our organization since the incorporation of our Company.   

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