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Solar Rooftop
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Lower your electric bill with an affordable home solar power system. The Indian government has announced solar incentives, which shall drive down the cost of your solar installation at your rooftop. The policy aims to encourage people to switch to renewable energy sources.

Nowadays, the implementation of "Solar Power Installations" on rooftops is one of the best and safest investments to make. This is not to forget the environmental advantages that we get by preventing the tons of CO2 emissions that would be created if this energy were produced by conventional power stations.

We have long-standing experience in the implementation and maintenance of rooftop installations that do not damage or hamper the daily activity that is carried out there.

  Solar Rooftops Benefits

Your Own "Green" Power Plant :

Right now, your home is powered by the local utility — most likely a coal-fired power plant that burns fossil fuels, emitting carbon dioxide and air pollution. When you install solar panels on your roof, you transform your home from just another house into a "green" power plant, generating clean efficient energy for your home year round. Whether you’re powering up your computer, running your T.V or AC, the energy comes straight from the sun — not from burning fossil fuels. Going solar also reduces our reliance on overseas oil and gas and increases our energy independence as a country. As our own domestic sources of oil and gas dwindle over the coming years, it’s increasingly important to find alternative energy sources so that we can reduce our reliance on foreign fuel sources.

Independence from Rising Electricity Prices :

India’s electricity prices over the past decade have been very volatile, making it difficult for anyone to plan for that part of their household budget. Once we install solar panels, you no longer have to worry about rising electricity prices for the portion of your electricity that comes from solar. You have effectively locked in your rates for the next 25 years. As prices rise, you receive a bigger and bigger benefit from your smart early investment.
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