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How does a Solar Power Plant Work?

Photovoltaic Solar Project
The Sun’s radiation hits the solar photovoltaic (PV) panel and forces electrons in the panels free of their bonds.
An electric field is created from the free electrons, which results in an electrical current and the production of direct current (DC) electricity.
The Inverter converts the DC electricity to Alternating Current (AC) electricity to match the local distribution grid.
Power generated from the solar panels is metered and monitored.
Electricity is distributed to the local distribution grid for use in local homes and businesses.
  Reasons For Having A Solar Power System
Cost-effectiveness/Return on investment
Thanks to state and federal incentives, operators of solar power systems are guaranteed remuneration from network operators for any power fed into the grid. And, when viewed in terms of the overall economy, power generated from renewable energies has a cost-cutting effect!
Environmental protection and health
  Solar power is clean. It produces no harmful emissions and is also silent. 
Preserving resources
  Our resources are becoming scarce. Oil, natural gas and uranium will run out. The energy from the sun is practically inexhaustible and is available to anyone, anywhere.
  To make sure we look after our natural assets for the next generation; we should only use what can be replaced. Solar power is regenerative.
Freedom from power utilities
  As the power supply is decentralized, the large power utilities lose their enormous influence, leading to a more democratic playing field.
Energy efficiency
  Line losses are common where electricity comes from a power plant. Solar Power Plants can help to reduce the line losses.
Set an example
   “Act in a way that can set an example for everyone – GO GREEN.”
Why solar is a necessity today?
Solar energy is not only easy to use – it has the most power from all renewable energy forms. Just a small fraction of the solar radiation that hits the earth would be sufficient to cover world energy consumption. And that – at least with regard to primary energy costs – is free of charge: sunlight costs you nothing. However, not only the quantity is impressive., solar energy is particularly attractive due to its cleanliness too. There are practically no emissions and no dangerous radiation, so it is well-suited to tackle current climatic problems. In order to use solar energy, no new and complex technologies are needed that would probably make no contribution to generating energy in the near future, despite intense and costly research. Already today, largely matured technologies are available which allow efficient use of solar energy. Fossil fuels are becoming increasingly scarce and ever more expensive. At the same time, energy demand is continuously increasing, all around the world. We can predict that this will have significant political, economical and ecological consequences.

Solar energy can be an efficient instrument to counteract this alarming development. Solar energy will be playing  an  important role in the energy mix in future as it benefits us, it benefits the environment, and it builds a sustainable future.. Global warming a rising issue, rising energy bills, and energy dependence affects all of us. Gradually, people are becoming aware & want to become part of the solution. Solar energy is one of the best ways to make a real contribution to save on Fossil Fuels which are depleting day by day. Governments are announcing subsidies and rebate programs that make solar energy a smart choice – financially as well as environmentally.  Its time where people should understand & adapt solar energy as their moral & social responsibility. It’s time to step into Green Energy.
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