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We have been supplying Telecommunication Towers to leading mobile service providers in India. We have a wide experience of stand-alone & Hybrid solar power systems. Our technical objective has been to develop and design systems that:

Are fully compliant with Telecom operational specifications
Realise major reduction of diesel fuel consumption
Provide maximum cost effective approaches
Ensure 24/7 highly reliable quality power including redundancy
Fast response service and support

These systems are configured for remote unattended operation with highly reliable power supply. Telecom towers require 24/7 power supply. Traditionally it used to draw the required power from grid and alternatively DG sets. As per the situation the best solution to overcome the problem of connectivity, the telecom system should be taken care by Solar Energy. When Telecom Operator decides to set up a new radio site, we ensure that it meets quality of service requirements and is financially profitable.

► Unreliability / poor quality of grid power
► Continuously rising fossil fuel costs
► Manpower for refilling, maintenance, reconciliation, back office
► Less control on remote and local human dependencies
► Long running hours of DG requiring diesel in large quantities
► Climate change & increased social d social pressures to go green
► Requirement of large battery banks & expensive DG sets.
► Profitability gets hit as OPEX increase and ARPU go lower
► Additional burden on operating expenses
► KPI defaults, low maintenance, network outages
► Air and sound pollution, high fuel costs, pilferage pilferage  and theft
►  Capital investments in green power
Benefits of going solar with us :
► Diesel consumption can be reduced to bare minimum
       Running Cost Almost Zero
       Drastically reduce operational costs.
       Reduce emissions and noise pollution.
► Dependence on grid can be completely eliminated.
► Allow penetration of cellular networks in rural.
► Maintenance required is reduced.
► Attractive payback period.
► Attractive government subsidies available.
► No carbon emission, environment friendly
► Carbon Credits, Green Balance Sheets, CSR
Solar Powered Telecom Systems
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